Gaming & Streaming Fundraising Tips

  • Get creative! You can choose any game you like and choose to go it alone, as part of a team or hold a gaming marathon
  • Choose what you know – if you’re keen to stream your favourite game that’s great, but if you fancy showing off your music, singing, cooking skills, fitness class or another live event, we’d love to hear about it
  • Play it safe and look after yourself, make sure you take regular breaks and stretch, set an alarm to help you remember if you’re going to be gaming for more than a couple of hours
  • Stay hydrated and keep some healthy snacks nearby to fight that fatigue!

Social Media Tips

  • Make sure you link all of your social media profiles to your JustGiving page in your bio so that your followers and connections know how to sponsor you
  • Family or colleagues not online? You can download our email signature and poster, to let everyone know about your fundraising
  • Make sure you tag in everyone involved in your fundraising, your team if you’re part of one as well as our handles
  • Brand up your JustGiving page with our Fight For All the Feels logo and downloadable resources so that people know who you’re raising money for and to help spread the word